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Are your curious about how hormones and stress factor into weight management? 


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My First Detox Foot Bath at Healthy Being took place during the summer of 2009.

I have a titanium metal implant in my right heel.  I experienced very similar results as I have with acupuncture in terms of increased joint mobility, decreased swelling, pain and stiffness in my right ankle.  The Detox Foot Bath is a spa like, relaxing experience and can achieve such an amazing result.  For days afterward, I felt like something was missing.  It was the pain, stiffness and lack of mobility in my right ankle.  When I use The Detox Foot Bath both of my feet feel like they match and are in harmony.  Every part of walking or running throughout my day just feels easier and better.

Thanks Melissa for exposing me to this simple and delightful alternative to pain relief and increased joint mobility.

~ A.W.  (client)

November 2009