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Happy Summer!

Summer is here and it is quickly progressing.  Are you staying on track with your new years resolutions?  Is your body beach ready? Many of Melissa's clients goals are filled with healthy intents and new wellness oriented programs. Contact Melissa and she will get you started on a plan that will enhance your energy, happiness and get you feeling great overall!

Here are a few ways Melissa can help you look and feel your best:

  • Detox and jump start weight loss with a powerful combo: lymphatic drainage therapy followed by an ionized detox foot bath
  • Get a Laser Skin Tightening treatment for your face, neck and hands
  • Consider a Cellulite Laser Reduction treatment to rock out your fabulous legs with any holiday dress
  • Try a Lymphatic Therapy Session to reduce any swelling in your feet, ankles, hands and face as you may be consuming more salt than normal
  • Get a customized Nutrition Program so you can minimize weight gain
  • Rejuvenate Your Hormones naturally, so you can feel energized and ready to tackle the summer beach parties, holiday events and festivities with your family and friends
  • Create a Healthy Wellness Focused plan with an individualized health plan by Melissa
  • Cleanse your ears with a peaceful Ear Candling Session


If you seeking to start a healthy program or enhance your existing program in a healthy way, please consider Healthy Being by Melissa a resource for you.

Wishing you a healthy, happy summer!

:) Melissa 




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"Melissa is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to vitamins, supplements and nutrition for the body. With her assistance I have been healing a condition in my body that has been there for many years, not really causing me any immediate challenges but if not handled could turn in to a serious health challenge.

Her bright and cheery smile when you enter the Healthy Being is a reminder of how it really should be and it is quickly followed by "May I get you a cup of tea or some water?" Melissa knows her field extremely well and is a delight to work with. I highly recommend her to anyone!"

~Diane Marie, Energy Healer

June 2010