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St Petersburg Natural & Organic Facial Skin Care Services Menu



The Healthy Being Signature Organic Facial

Organically based products restore health, vitality, and balance to your complexion in this completely customized facial. Your facial may include deep cleansing, steam treatment, exfoliation, extractions, individualized treatment masque, moisturizer application, and massage.

45minutes/ $45


Hot Stone Facial

A Healthy Being Hot Stone Facial includes deep pore cleansing, oil and hot stone therapy followed by a toning and moisture application. Warm smooth stones are used to gently massage the face and neck as circulation is stimulated and toxins are eliminated.

45 minute session $45


Deep Pore Cleansing Facial

This amazing facial draws out impurities and reduces pore size. Gentle cleansing, toning and massage are followed with a steam, exfoliation, and extractions. A clarifying mask based upon natural kaolin and bentonite earth clays decongest pores and cellular debris.

50min session $50


Teen Facial

This facial is designed for teen skin is perfect for combating changes in skin from hormone fluctuations, acne and helps to rebalance and rejuvenate teen skin. Teen skin is gently cleansed and we perform extractions when necessary and also provide a teen specific mask followed by protective hydration.

45 minute session   $45


Purifying Back Treatment  

Your back will receive all the benefits of a facial. Treatments include: deep-pore cleansing, exfoliation, steaming and a relaxing massage, followed by a hot honey mask that leaves your back soft, supple and clean. 

50 minute session $55


Organic Pumpkin Facial 

You will be treated to a specifically tailored facial that includes steam a rejuvenating and enzyme rick pumpkin mask and facial massage. The vitamins found in this fabulous organic product impart radiance, while nourishing, enriching and moisturizing the skin.

45 minute session   $50


Outward Peace – Acne Relief Facial Treatment

Increase you outward peace with this multi-fasceted approach to treat skin breakouts and blemishes.  This facial treatment will help clear  your skin without overy-drying and irritating effects.  With a special focus on skin-exfoliation and redness reduction, your skin’s appearance will improve helping to correct as well as prevent future blemishes. 

First treatment – 50 minutes


For best results we recommend a minimum series of 3 treatments customized to your specific needs. 


50 minute session $75

80 minute session  $115



Gentleman’s Facial

A complete aromatherapy facial, utilizing pure plant essence customized for men.  After a deep cleansing and exfoliation of the face, a relaxing massage, folloed by a clarifying organic masque , will met away tension.

50 minute session  $75




Green Tea & Lactic Acid Peel (25%)

This medium strength peel smoothes and brighens skin without drying.  Green tea and willow extract allow that AHA lactic acid to exfoliate without irritation.  This is a peel for all skin types and hyperpigmented, dry, and dull skin. Leaves skin radiant and clarified.

45 mins/ $85


Glycolic Acid Peel (33%)

This clients will get visible, dramatic results from the first treatment! By rapidly exfoliating epidermal cells, this medium strength peel instantly unclogs pores, smoothes texture, and clarifies the complexion. This is a peel for all non-sensitive skin that is sluggish, unevenly textured, or acne-prone.

45 mins/ $85


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SKIN CARE ADD ONS                 

The following treatments may be added on to any skincare service as an enhancement.


Brow Reshape:

Eyebrow shaping (waxed, sugared, or tweezed). $10


Decollete Treatment:

This treatment focuses on the neck and bust area with a two part thermal lifting mask firms, hydrates and repairs sun damage.      $45


De-Stress Eye Treatment:

This treatment firms the delicate eye area while reducing puffiness and irritation.  The eye mask is a soothing and relaxing addition to any facial.   $35


Lip Contour Treatment:

This treatment combats the rough, dry lines around the mouth.  It helps to improve elasticity while soothing the skin to give a more youthful appearance. The lip mask is a soothing hydrating treatment that may be added to any facial.   $35


Stimulating Scalp and Moisturizing Hair Treatment

Moisturize and nourish dry and over stressed tresses with our signature stimulating scalp treatment using herbal oils that are heated and massaged directly into the scalp and hair for a decadent and moisturizing treatment followed with a nourishing olive oil hair masque.  $35


Alpha-Hydroxy Acid Peel:

Add a natural AHA peel to any of our facials.  Optimize your results with one of our regenerating enzymatic peels. Both the Ilike AHA Peel (20% AHA) and the Ilike Yogurt Power peel have an amazing result with all skin types. They will even your complexion, improve your blood circulation, and promote cellular turnover. Your skin will be cleaned from the inside out, as if were reborn.  $20




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