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Vitamin-C Cold-Laser Mini-Facial Treatment

This is a luxurious and enriching skin treatment that nurses damaged tissue back to health with a trans-dermal vitamin C serum, laser light and soothing aromatherapy. This sophisticated treatment diminishes fine lines, smoothes out wrinkles, repairs environmental damage, and minimizes age spots.  This is a specialty therapeutic facial that combats aging and reduces the appearance of freckles, wrinkles, and sunspots.  The trans-dermal Vitamin C serum affects all 3 layers of skin, invigorating the cells and enhancing their youthfulness.

Emitted from a glass wand, the cold blue light of the laser glides across the skin in a circular pattern, gently vibrating for a calm and relaxing sensation. The cool beam of light imbues the skin with oxygen to repair tissue and increase collagen, kills bacteria to help heal acne and scarring, and infuses the body with rejuvenating oxygen. Employing the antioxidant powers of a pure vitamin-C serum, our therapist rubs the antitoxin in to the treatment area, allowing it to soak through multiple layers of tissue to help reawaken the skin's dormant vivaciousness and reduce the appearance of freckles, wrinkles, and sunspots. The staff also courteously wraps feet in hot towels and drapes an aromatherapy-infused warm towel around the hair to protect tresses from the vitamin-C serum. 

This is a progressive treatment.  As the skin naturally sloughs off (via natural exfoliation) the more youthful skin cells that rise to the surface provide even texture, improved tightness and tone. Pigmentation sloughs off as well – minimizing the appearance of age spots and sun spots.  A series of treatments are often recommended to maximize the benefits of the Vitamin-C Cold Laser facial. 

Melissa working with a client. 



Benefits of Vitamin C Facial + Cold Laser Treatment

The purest form of Vitamin C, ascorbic acid, is biologically tested to be beneficial for human skin.  High concentration of vitamin C is actually derived from plants that help in the human skin's aging process. The potential benefits of Vitamin C on face are diminishing effects of age spots, radiant facial complexion, smoother skin, restoration of lost collagen and reduction in wrinkles. Vitamin C is vital for overall skin health and optimal scar healing. Vitamin C plays a vital role in diminishing the effects ultra violet light damage.

Unfortunately, the body does not produce vitamin C on its own. The only way to ensure our skin gets enough vitamin C is to make sure we include enough in our diet and by using skin care products that contain vitamin C in a stable form.

Studies have found that Vitamin C can increase collagen production, protect against damage from UVA and UVB rays, correct pigmentation problems, and reverse inflammatory skin conditions and early skin cancers. To date most research points to L-ascorbic acid as the most effective wrinkle relief.

 Independent scientific studies (listed below) show that vitamin C:

  • regulates healthy collagen formation
  • improves skin hydration
  • lightens dark scars and brown spots (hyperpigmentation)
  • decreases inflammation and redness
  • is a powerful anti-oxidant and prevents skin damage

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